If you are responsible for telescopic seating in your school's gym and are looking for a long-term solution that will provide both the aesthetics and smooth operation you require, you've come to the right place!

Bleacherman has been installing, reconditioning and remanufacturing telescopic bleacher systems for more than twenty years. During that time we've found that our customers want to know more about their bleachers, so they can make an informed decision. After all, choosing the right telescopic seating can save thousands of dollars. Even more importantly, there's the safety of the students and compliance with safety codes to consider.


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Before and After Slide Show

See a slide show of "before" and "after"  photos of actual Bleacherman projects.

Before and After Slide Show

The Bleacherman was recycling way before it was popular - now recycling your bleachers can help you qualify in the LEED certification process.

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The Bleacherman's proprietary one-piece polyethylene structural plastic seats can take real-world punishment and look great doing it.

Plastic Seat Modules

Straight talk about what's wrong with today's bleachers - and how to fix the design flaws that are built into new bleachers.

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Our "Quick Quote" system is absolutely the fastest way possible to get a quote for repairing or replacing your bleachers. See the complete "how to" details here.

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Replacing your gym floor? Got recurring issues with bleachers? Find answers to all sorts of Bleacher-related questions in our Frequently Asked Questions page.


If you have old, used bleachers that you want to dispose of, don't put them in the landfill -- call the Bleacherman to recycle them.

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